Philippians 2:16
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High Calling In Christ Discipleship 

Who We Are

Grace and Peace of the Lord Jesus Christ unto you. 


We thank God for your worshiping with us here on the Internet, at local ministry events in Baton Rouge, LA and through global worship wherever you live, learn, or work.


High Calling In Christ Christian Center gathers as a congregation learning to live for Christ in the 21st Century global village.  Through worship and praise we prepare to receive all He has promised to those that follow Him.  We are growing, maturing and becoming perfected through the Word of God as disciples of Christ.  We are learning to live this life based on the principles of the Kingdom of God; reaping the blessings of the Kingdom of God.


God wants to use the gifts He has put within us; but we must be in a place to discover, perfect and use what He has given to us.


I am uniquely blessed to extend a personal invitation for you to get to know Jesus Christ as He is revealed through His word by the Holy Spirit.  Open your heart and mind to experience the glory of the Lord in our sanctuary. 


In your press toward the High Calling in Christ, remember this!  It does not matter where you come from or what you have or don’t have,  what matters is where you are going for the rest of your life. 



A Servant of God,

Dr. Marilyn Thornton

Senior Pastor